• Baby Wraps

    Infant Lane merino blankets is natures finest yarn in its best form. This beautiful blanket provides softness and comfort in all climates for your child...view more

  • Kids Merino Thermals

    Whether your heading to the mountains for an adventure on the ski fields or hiking in beautiful forests. Our Merino will not irritate or chaff the most sensitive of skins... view more

  • Merino Baby Swaddles

    Our 100% Merino Swaddle is beautiful to the touch and luxurious on the skin. Our Swaddle replicates the swaddling techniques used by Mid-wives, Registered Nurses and Obstericians alike...view now

At Infant Lane, we create the most exquisite infant and childrens sleepwear and accessories for ages 0-6 years. We only use 100% New Zealand Merino wool, so your little one will enjoy the cosiest of sleeps and stay super snuggly even during the most chilly winter days.

Merino is a safe natural fibre that regulates body temperature and provides the best possible thermal layer of clothing for your baby.

We’re a young company with a bright vision. In time, we aim to grow our range, so we hope our superior quality and unique style will see you grow with us.

Made with love in New Zealand.
Made with love in NZ

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